In partnership with Prism Medical, the Ames Walker Advantage program is built as a patient-first solution that will assist medical professionals in prescribing, billing, and delivering compression garments to treat lymphedema. AW Advantage Powered by Prism offers an extensive range of national insurance billing expertise with state-of-the-art product selection and delivery options for successful patient outcomes.

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What is covered under LTA?

  • Daytime Garments: Compression stockings and wraps with adjustable straps - 3 garments per affected body part every 6 months.
  • Nighttime Garments: 2 garments per affected body part every 2 years.  
  • Bandaging Supplies: no set limit.  
  • Lymphedema accessories: donning/doffing aids, padding, liners, zippers - no set limit (determined on a case-by-case basis).

What is required for coverage?

  • Prescription for Item or Items 
  • Clinical notes including stage of lymphedema 
  • A valid Diagnosis Code 
  • Grade or stage of diagnosis 
  • Location(s) being treated 
  • Patient's measurements

What are valid diagnosis codes to receive coverage?

  • I89.0 - Lymphedema, not elsewhere classified 
  • I97.2 - Postmastectomy lymphedema syndrome 
  • I97.89 - Post procedural complications and disorders of the circulatory system, not elsewhere classified 
  • Q82.0 - Hereditary lymphedema

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Disclaimer: The Medicare guidelines stated are for informational purposes only. Ames Walker is not responsible for the accuracy of this information, nor do they assume any responsibility to any party that uses this information in any way.