Jobst FarrowWrap STRONG Trim to Fit AD
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Jobst FarrowWrap STRONG Trim to Fit AD Jobst FarrowWrap STRONG Trim to Fit AD

Jobst FarrowWrap STRONG Trim to Fit AD

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JOBST® FarrowWrap® is for mild to severe lymphedema patients who need a cost-effective solution that can adapt if their limb volume changes. FarrowWrap® is the patented Elastic Short-Stretch™ garment that gives the benefits of bandaging without the hassle. FarrowWrap® is perfect for patients with fluctuating edema who have difficulty donning traditional compression stockings. FarrowWrap® STRONG offers premium fabric with strong compression and a soft inner layer suitable for patients with a good limb shape and moderate to severe edema. 

Easily adjustable

Indications for 30-40 mmHg compression: Severe varicosities; Severe edema, lymphatic edema; Chronic venous insufficiency; post-sclerotherapy.

Do not wear compression legwear if you have any of the following conditions: severe arterial insufficiency; uncontrolled congestive heart failure; skin infections; red, sensitive skin; hardening of the skin or untreated leg ulcers. Consult your physician for advice if you are or have any of the following: bedridden (non-ambulatory); impaired sensitivity of the limb; sensitivity to the garment material.

Item Number
FWST-T-ADT3 / 7611700